What My Clients Say!

As a first-time homebuyer, my fiance and I had the pleasure of working with Hyounsoo and her assistant Angie, and we can't recommend them enough. Hyounsoo's knowledge of the industry was immediately evident as she was able to get us showings quickly and helped us navigate the complex world of real estate with ease. Her excellent relationships with other realtors and builders allowed us to negotiate the best deals and secure the perfect home in a timely manner. Hyounsoo's dedication to our needs was unparalleled. She was always available to answer our questions, attend each step of the process, and made us feel like old family friends. Her attention to detail was impressive, and we never once doubted that she was working tirelessly for us. What we appreciated most about Hyounsoo was her respectful approach to both of us. She made sure to address us equally and never assumed that one person was the sole decision-maker. This level of consideration and inclusivity made the entire home-buying experience more enjoyable and stress-free. Overall, we highly recommend Hyounsoo and Angie to anyone looking for a top-notch real estate agent. Their knowledge, professionalism, and customer service exceeded our expectations, and we couldn't be happier with the outcome. Thank you, Hyounsoo and Angie, for your outstanding service and for making our first home-buying experience a memorable one.  - Thomas & Bonnie

My wife and I just finished the purchase process of our first home with the help of Hyounsoo and her team. The entire process of working with her was a joy and she did an excellent job. We felt taken care of, represented, and just had a general feeling that she had our backs throughout the experience of working with her. She took the time to learn what we were looking for and then once we found the right place she did anything she was able to in order to help our offer get accepted. Hyounsoo was also prompt in communicating with us throughout and was willing to answer any questions we had as two people completely new to the homebuying process. We would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a home in the Twin Cities!   – Aaron

Hyounsoo is smart, caring, communicative, thoughtful and so much more.  She is a phenomenal realtor and person.  We had a great experience closing on our home with her and also still stay in touch with her now!  – Mihiret

I have had the pleasure of working with Hyounsoo on a few occasions, and I can see why she has been so successful with results! She truly puts the needs of her clients first, coupled with being very organized and a great communicator. I first met Hyousoo from doing her business headshots, and later doing a family photo client appreciation event for her. What was unique about this was the chance to meet many of her clients and my wife, Cindy, and I quickly realized what a satisfied group of clients she has and the strong personal relationship she creates with them.  We also worked with Hyounsoo when we started down the path of buying a new construction and selling our home. She was very helpful to us in the whole process but we ended up with a bit of "do we really want to do this now?" along the journey. We met with her and within about 60 seconds, she processed what we were feeling and she said -- "you are not ready to sell!" Furthermore she said she would take care of getting our deposit back. Doing the right thing for us surpassed her interest in making the sale.  The highest form of a compliment to her as a realtor, however, came from us referring both of our adult children to her for their first home purchases. We knew they were in good hands, and she did a fantastic job navigating two different market situations for both of them. I can, with great confidence, say that she receives the highest recommendation possible if you are thinking of buying or selling!  - Doug

As others are also saying, Hyounsoo is the absolute best! We could not have navigated this tight market without her invaluable expertise and hand-holding. Loving our new place - and the sale price of the home we sold - all thanks to Hyounsoo and her team.  - David

Hyounsoo has been an absolute pleasure to work with. Her professionalism and attention to detail are unmatched, she truly cares about her clients and invests time to learn about their needs and wants. Thank you for helping us find our dream home!!!  - Ameer

Hyounsoo is the best of the best! I highly recommend her. She did a fabulous job with the sale of my home. Very responsive and surrounded by a great team of people. If you’re looking for a top notch realtor, you’ve found her! - Sharifa


ONE whole month. 30 whole days that we have lived in our new house. Sometimes I still need someone to pinch me! I’ve been trying to come up with the words to thank our amazing realtor Hyounsoo Lathrop, who worked so hard to make our dreams come true. She really is exceptional at what she does but she is an even more incredible human being. She puts her entire heart and soul into the buying/selling process and treats her clients as if it’s her house that she is selling/buying. She is a true professional in every way and surrounds herself with only the best team of people. She is absolutely honest with you from the start and a great communicator. She is with you every step of the way and always has your best interest in mind. She knows how to get stuff done and is so incredibly respectful with everyone involved. It has been such a blessing to have her in our lives and now look to her as a good friend! We highly recommend Hyounsoo Lathrop-Coldwell Banker Realty and her team. We will be forever grateful for her leading us through this exciting journey. - Ryan & Rebecca 

Hyounsoo is amazing at what she does. She has a great team by her side and they get the job done! She went out of her way to work with me personally on getting my dream house in Buffalo MN! She is so helpful and made the process pain free. If there was a person's picture in the dictionary for the words hardworking, determined, resilient, compassionate, it would be hers. Her countless abilities make her a stand out choice and I would recommend her 100 times over!!  - Jodi & Brandon

It was really great to work with Hyounsoo and her team.  She was really helpful and responsible for purchasing/selling my house.  I highly recommend her for anyone who would like to purchase or sell a house.  - Yongbeom

Hyounsoo was awesome. She made the process of selling our home in MN to move out of state an extremely easy and low stress process. She knows the market, she is flexible, she has great attention to detail, she gives excellent staging ideas, and she is very reassuring. I'd gladly recommend her to anyone looking to sell a home.  - Sean & Stephanie


Hyounsoo is not only an incredible Realtor, she is an outstanding and Brilliant human! Hyounsoo is the reason that we got into the perfect home, in a very complicated market! We are still in shock that our VA offer was accepted, with other Cash offers on the table. We could not have done this without Hyounsoo! She responded to all of our questions and anxieties, with attentiveness, compassion and in rapid time! Her partner Angie, was always up to speed on everything that we needed and Angie deserves her own recognition in this process because she is amazing. Although we were happy to close on our house, we were sad when the process was over, because Hyounsoo really became part of our family. Anyone who is looking to buy or sell a home, needs Hyounsoo in their corner.  - Emily & Trevor  

I am not a person who usually writes reviews. However, I was so impressed with Hyounsoo that I wanted to write this recommendation. As an immigrant, having a home in America was a big goal for me, and I had no knowledge about home buying. Luckily, I met Hyounsoo and found it easy to trust her because I could tell that she was very professional, knowledgeable, and that she really cared about my concerns and needs. The longer I worked with her, the more I trusted her because she always updated me on what the proper procedure was for each step of the process. Even after I moved, she continued to give me information about the house and the maintenance of it. I didn’t need to worry too much about the complicated process of buying a home. I can definitely say that there are many reasons why she is beyond my highest expectation of her. I am sure you will know why she is a number 1 real estate agent if you work with her for a few days.  - Eunsil

Hyounsoo is an agent like no other! We were very comfortable with her from the first time we met her. Our home had been for sale for several years and Hyounsoo got it sold in 10 months! She is very hardworking and it’s easy to see that she LOVES what she does. Not only did we use her to sell our home but she also found us our next home to buy. She is there every step of the way. I highly recommend Hyounsoo!! - Kim

Hyounsoo IS thee best of the best! She is absolutely amazing! We are so blessed to have her be a part of our lives. She was with us through our selling AND buying process. We had met her through an open house and we knew right away that she was the one. She helped us throughout our whole process, every step of the way, and into finding that perfect dream home for our long term home. She made sure that we were taken care of we put our trust in her. There were so many things that we were unsure of but she always put our mind to ease by making sure she'd find us the answers or solutions. She truly knows her stuff and we are so glad we have also gained a friend for life! She truly is an amazing professional, kind, caring, trustworthy and so so many more one of a kind individual!  -Yaj

I am a first time home buyer and was feeling very intimidated by the home buying process. Thankfully I found Hyounsoo! She is extremely approachable, knowledgeable, and kind. She walked me through each step of the process and kept me in the loop the whole time. She was able to understand my budget and situation and worked with me to get just what I needed for my home. Her negotiation skills are on point! I felt like I had a true professional advocating for me. I could not have asked for a better person to work with, she is the best of the best! Hyounsoo takes care of her clients.  -Abbey

Hyounsoo IS the best around!! I do have to laugh a little though... it took my husband and myself a short time to pronounce her name correctly... But she always was patient with us (her cheerful disposition)!! I tell here that she is gifted in her career!! She knows her stuff and is so professional!! Not only that but she makes us her family!! I WILL recommend her to anyone I know!! I am so glad she came into our lives!  -Noelle & Ralph

Hyounsoo is truly and sincerely one-in-a-million and she went the extra mile for me when I sold my home. I can't say enough good about her and yes, of course I would recommend her.  -Sandy

Our family had to move to another state with our house on the market. I felt totally protected and safe because I knew Hyounsoo would make it work. She put in all the efforts I couldn't even think of. I already recommended Hyounsoo to several friends who needed to buy a new house right away and who would sell house in near future. She is always positive and professional. Hyounsoo is the best realtor you can trust. You will love her once you start to work with her!  -Hwina

Hyounsoo has proven herself a trusted resource in my business network and would not hesitate to refer friends and family. Her passion for helping people really shines through in her work.  -Jesse

Fantastic experience with Hyounsoo. She is very knowledgeable about the area, the process, and advised us in such a way that we were able to rapidly make it to close in an aggressive seller's market. Thanks for everything!  -Andrew

We ventured out on a dream that we didn’t think was possible...until we met Hyounsoo. I still remember the day where I went onto realtor.com and requested to see a home. Within 5 minutes Hyounsoo called to confirm a home visit. From then on, Hyounsoo has been our “momma bear” that has made our dreams come true. We are both very picky and won’t settle for anything less. We also can be quite demanding. Hyounsoo’s ability to communicate with us in a timely manner is so comforting and greatly appreciated. She is honest and extremely knowledgeable about every step of the seeking and buying process. Julia and I ended up finding “the perfect” home that we didn’t think was possible. The house had 30 showings the first day it was on the market. It had 10 offers including ours. Without Hyounsoo’s expertise and tenacity, we would have lost our dream. Thank you doesn’t come close to how much we appreciate Hyounsoo.  - Jayme & Julia

Hyounsoo Lathrop has been an amazing, exceptional agent exceeding our expectations in every step involved in selling our house. She was so dedicated and committed to our circumstances; while professionally providing exceptional service throughout. She was also emotionally very comforting that we felt completely taken care of in what could have been a very stressful experience. She was a true blessing to our family!
Despite her busy schedule, she was always aware of all the changes in the market conditions and never stopped listening and following up on our requests. She is never afraid to ask the tough questions on behalf of your interest; a trusted advocate who knows what's best for you! When listing the house, she truly pays attention to the details, demonstrating how constantly engaged she is in learning new ways of making your house more attractive to potential buyers.
Most of all, her energy and enthusiasm is contagious! She is just a wonderful person to hang out with!
We would also like to thank Angie Crane (Hyounsoo's assistant), who has been so prompt in updating us with important due dates and helping us in preparing more efficiently for the big sale!
Lastly, we really appreciate Kari Levi's (closing coordinator) kind and immediate answers to our frequent phone calls during the last minutes of signing of the closing documents.
Thank you so much, Coldwell Banker Burnet!   - Sooh-Rhee & Dongwuk

Hyounsoo and Angie were wonderful and took care of us throughout our purchase. Very punctual and very professional. They are wonderful with caring for the buyer in communicating our concerns or questions to the builder. They made our house purchase a breeze. Very thoughtful. When Hyounsoo had to travel she made sure our house hunt was made easy by appointing a 'babysitter' agent who was very patient and helpful and collected all sorts of info on houses for us. We are so happy having worked with the three of them. They are awesome! It was an amazing journey with them to find our dream home!  - Vijaya

Hyounsoo was a great partner throughout the process, from listing, to preparing the house, to making price adjustments to meet market demand, she was insightful and considerate. Our family home for almost sixty years needed to be sold, and Hyounsoo was with us from the beginning last summer to closing this past February. She made what was an emotional journey for our family a warm and pleasant experience! - Rob

Hyounsoo exceeds expectations throughout the home buying process. She is prompt in her responses, listens well to clients, and has patience to answer all questions posed. Even in a highly competitive market she makes the house hunt and bidding enjoyable. I highly recommend Hyounsoo and her expertise in the real estate market."  - Laura

Words cannot express my experience with Hyounsoo during my home buying process. She is very sincere, thorough, hard-working, and passionate about what she does. Her main objective was to ensure that my family purchased a home that we would love. She always had our best interest in mind and did not disappoint. We were extremely fortunate to meet Hyounsoo and would recommend her to anyone buying or selling. Don't just make Hyounsoo your first call, make her your ONLY call! -Watkins

A perfect five star review underrates Hyounsoo Lathrop. From start to finish, she has been out-of-this-world amazing. Hyounsoo is such a passionate and caring person; that really makes her shine professionally. She was always looking out for us and doing things in our best interest. We have not only had a great experience but have gained a truly amazing lifelong friend in the process!" -Bjore

I have been working with Hyounsoo to both purchase and sell the house, and it was great experience. She is always eager to help and fantastic at her work. I definitely recommend Hyounsoo." - Kwangsoo

My wife and I worked on the sale of a investment condo and the purchase of a duplex with Hyounsoo. She was the most dedicated and hard working realtor I have ever met. We had a unique tax problem and she worked above and beyond to solve the issue. Afterwards she made herself available at any time until we found another investment property not only within our deadline but within our budget. After working with other realtors in the past, she is the only realtor I would recommend to people. She loves to help people and has a real passion for her job.  - Joan

I’ve known Hyounsoo personally and professionally for over six years, not only did we live in the same beautiful neighborhood, but when I decided to move it was a no-brainer to hire her to sell my home. I cannot say enough about the character, intelligence and knowledge that Hyounsoo brings to the table. She simply loves her work. I had many stresses going on at the time, so not only did she make selling the home a breeze (and a successful one at that!!), she personally was there to ease my nerves. I will never forget that and will be forever grateful. It’s hard to pick what is stronger, her character or knowledge of the business. Simply put, Hyounsoo Lathrop is just one of the good ones here on earth. I promise you…you will feel the same! - Victoria 

Wow! We met Hyounsoo by chance at an open house when we first moved here 2 1/2 years ago. That chance meeting turned out to be so amazing in many ways. Hyounsoo helped us buy our home when we relocated and then she recently sold that home for us and helped us upgrade! Hyounsoo is not only a great negotiator and market expert, she is kind and compassionate and she truly cares about her clients. If a deal isn't the best for her clients, she will say so and won't push for it like some Realtors do! If we had another Realtor in the sale of our home, the transaction may not have happened. She is a TOP NOTCH negotiator and got us the best price we could get for our home, which also helped us get a great deal on our new house! I would never recommend working with anyone else! - Lindsey

Hyounsoo Lathrop was extremely professional in her responsiveness and with her strategies. She is very trustworthy and competent. She is the No. 1 real estate agent I have worked with. - Angella 

I really don't know what to say about Hyounsoo except that SHE IS AMAZING! Seriously, she works incredibly hard for you and will listen to what you want. She's a great negotiator and incredibly friendly and funny! I will definitely choose her as my realtor the next time we are looking for property 🙂 - Danielle 

I was a first-home buyer and my experience with Hyounsoo was absolutely marvelous. If you are looking for a real estate agent who will pick up your phone call every time or get back to you within an hour, Hyounsoo is the one you are looking for. If you are a slow learner, and you want to know every detail without any complicated jargons, Hyounsoo is the one. If you want to tour 20+ houses without worrying whether you are bothering your real estate agent, Hyounsoo is the one. If you want to get recommendations on house painting, home cleaning, plumbing, etc., Hyounsoo is the one. I highly recommend working with her! - Heonjoo 

Our move was a long process because we needed to sell our home in Edina before we could buy in Woodbury and we knew NOTHING about Woodbury! We met Hyounsoo at our first open house in Woodbury. To make a long story short, she continued to follow up with us for 6 months. When we finally sold our house, we called her to find us a house in Woodbury. She was so prepared, asked many questions, and scheduled several showings over the course of one weekend based on our needs. She found us a GEM! I could make this story longer, but I can tell you that she dotted every "i" and crossed every "t" on our closing day as well, wow. She made a huge move for us virtually stress free by working very hard and thinking of every detail. We will never use another agent than her again! We can't thank her enough! - Aaron and Meredith

Buying a house is supposed to be one of the top stressful things in your life, but with Hyounsoo as our Realtor I feel like we should buy another one! She made everything so easy; she advocated for us at every stage, she set high standards and ensured we’d be happy, she went way above and beyond (that doesn’t actually emphasize enough how amazing she is). When we were looking for a house, we had narrowed down the location more-or-less, but just couldn’t find the right one. Once Hyounsoo was on the case we found a handful of very nice houses we’d have been happy with, but that just wasn’t good enough. I don’t remember how many houses we saw, but she was very patient with us and really made sure we found just the right house and knew what we were getting for our money. We have two little girls and the three-year-old still points out cars that look like Hyounsoo’s and wonders when we’re going to hang out with her. A new house came on the market that fit us really well at a great price; better than the previous ones. She made sure we went and saw it day one and got in before everyone else. She helped us pull the trigger and we could not be happier with the house. Negotiating wasn’t stressful and she was great through the whole thing. It’s at this point I think things get stressful and worrisome because things start to move VERY quickly, but honestly I’m guessing because I felt like we had someone there for us the whole time to ask questions of and deal with all the different parties for us. She even coordinated for us to have work done and replace appliances for after we moved in. We also sold our house with Hyounsoo. We thought our house was in pretty good shape, but Hyounsoo helped us see the house from another set of eyes and did SO much work getting it ready. She had beautiful pictures taken of the house and got it on the market in two weeks. She did a great job conferring and helping us figure out a price, but gave us full control. Once it was on the market, with two little girls it is a little tricky to get out of the house for showings, but just 9 showings later spanning two weeks including (just one weekend because one we blacked out for Thanksgiving) we had 3 offers and sold the house for more than what we were asking! Honestly, it could not have gone any better. The whole process was amazing and I know Hyounsoo will be who we call and recommend every time! - Alex

Hyounsoo is warm and friendly. She worked hard to find us the perfect home and helped us step by step through the buying process. She then handled the marketing of our lot. She was imaginative and diligent. She was successful in selling the lot in a very reasonable time. I highly recommend her.  - Bob and Kathy 


We sold our house in Day 1 all because of Hyounsoo's hard work, and we are so happy about the result. We had a tenant living in our house, and we could not do anything because we live in a different state. Hyounsoo did amazing job regarding selling our house, and I can't express enough gratitude to her. You won't regret having her as your agent. She is the best! - Hyeson

I have worked with other real estate agents and have talked to other agents on needs. I have never met anyone with as much professionalism as Hyounsoo. She always got back on any issue in a timely manner. She did much research to help me in the sale of my condo. She is passionate about her job and takes the needs of her clients very serious. If you work with her you will be working with one of the best in the industry. - Dave

Hyounsoo Lathrop is an extremely professional and hardworking realtor and I could not imagine any other realtor being more responsive or detail oriented! We count ourselves fortunate to have found her through Zillow. - Autumn 

I honestly do not know what I would have done without Hyounsoo's help. Like it said on her profile, she does treat you like one of her own and looks out for you during the whole process of buying a house.  She made it so easy I did not have to worry about anything and left everything to her. I am so thankful, grateful, and blessed to have met her.  I have never met anyone in this kind of business or any other business who's really honest, kind, friendly, and very very helpful than Hyounsoo. I will never forget all the things she has done for me and for my family and how she made the process easy for us. She is very committed to her word and to her work.  She will go above and beyond to help her customers and looks out for their benefits. I haven't seen any realtor who does that and I did met a few of them before meeting her. I'm very thankful for her help and could have not done this without her.  - Unsia 

Hyounsoo is a real estate professional with extreme professionalism and the highest level of customer-centric approach. I worked with Hyounsoo over the last few months and can't be happier with the overall services she offered for us. She really went extra miles to serve our needs.  An example was that when we were about to make an offer for a house we chose, she voluntarily searched further and found a house that better met our needs. Over the course of working together, she consistently cared about our needs, brought valuable insights, and offered extra services that we even didn't think of. I would definitely want to work with her again and I will recommend Hyounsoo to my friends as I already did to a colleague. She is just the best! - Ko 

I can't say enough good things about Hyounsoo. She is very accommodating, hard working, and personable. She learned quickly what we were looking for in a home and she personally found our new house which wasn't even in our search criteria. In addition to buying a home, she also sold our previous house which had definite shortcomings but Hyounsoo had our house staged, had beautiful photos taken and it sold in under two weeks! She knows the importance of placing a house at the right price point. She goes above and beyond for her clients. Hyounsoo offers such a great experience that I recommended her to my sister who is buying her first home. - Prokop

Hyounsoo is an amazing Real Estate Professional who always showed great professionalism. She is very knowledgeable, supportive, and also honest. She will tell you that her job is her passion and this was definitely reflected by her motivation, enthusiasm, and responsiveness all along our buying  process; let alone her smile and sense of humor that was greatly appreciated as well. We highly recommend her should you be interested in buying a home.  - Koehn

The whole experience of selling and buying a house was smooth and hitch free. Hyounsoo was very energetic and hardworking. She anticipated our every need and had a hand in finding a solution to every issue. In the whole process, she became more of a friend than our Realtor. I cannot fully put into words, what she became to us, a God-send, who was ever available to respond at anytime and any place. Hyounsoo is well organized, works above and beyond, and looks at the bigger picture. She is one-in-a million and we couldn’t have wished for a better realtor! - Orakwue

She made everything so easy! She advocated for us at every stage, she set high standards for buying and selling, and ensured we’d be happy.  Hyounsoo went way above and beyond that doesn’t actually emphasize enough how amazing she is! Honestly, it could not have gone any better. The whole process was amazing and I know Hyounsoo will be who we call and recommend every time! - Baker

She is warm, friendly and professional, but above all she is thorough and hard-working. She always made us feel like we were her number one priority and she went above and beyond the call of duty to provide excellent customer service. We have no hesitation in recommending her to our friends!  - Smith

Hyounsoo was the best Realtor that we could have had. She would offer her opinion on whether some of the homes we found online would suit us or not. She really cares about people and her clients. She is in the business to help people find a place to call home, and she is very good at it! She never made us feel like we were too picky or that we were inconveniencing her. I'm so glad that we had the privilege to meet such a wonderful person, house-hunting aside!  - Bouffleur

I could not have asked for a better Realtor! She worked hard and made sure everything moved like clockwork! I can’t thank her enough for her diligence and would recommend her to everyone! – Park

This has been a dream experience in buying our first home. From the offer to the final appraisal and inspection, it has gone smoothly. I attribute that to Hyounsoo and her ability to make it go through in a timely manner with the correct information. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a home, she is great and has made this experience exciting rather than harrowing. We close in May and move in June. I am looking forward to this and I know so is Hyounsoo. This will not be the last time we talk, as I consider her a friend. - Olson

Hyounsoo is an outstanding Realtor and not to mention...very proactive in finding information when it isn't available at her finger tips and also keeping clients informed of any updates. She is an upbeat person to work with and have on our side. - Yang

I was afraid because I was not really familiar with the process. One of my close friends introduced me to Hyounsoo and she helped me from beginning to the end. She always worked with me to look for the house with features that I wanted within my budget, and she was not only very enthusiastic but also careful about it as if she was buying her own house. She also contacted me very often to make sure that I was getting the right documents ready for closing. I felt that buying a house was like getting a desktop because of her...she is a very experienced realtor and she will find you the house that you are looking for. I definitely recommend Hyounsoo! -Choi