Real Estate Knowledge March 27, 2023

Home Buying at a Glance!

home buying

Looking to buy a home soon or in the near future? 

Check out this quick guide on the home buying process + the cost breakdown!

1. Find an agent that you LOVE!

2. Get pre-approved with a recommended lender.

3. Search for homes.  Your realtor can set up an auto search for homes your interested in.

4. Find the one, write an offer and have it accepted.

5. Send the earnest money

6. Home inspection and make any adjustments to the purchase agreement if needed.

7. Appraisal is scheduled by the lender.

8. Final walk through to check the house is clean and kept.

9. Closing day!  Get the keys and move in!


Money You’ll Need Upfront

1. EARNEST MONEY: Typically 1-2% of the house price for existing homes (It applies to Cash to Close at closing)

2. INSPECTION COST: $350+  (Radon, sewer line test additional, if applicable)

3. APPRAISAL COST: $500-700


Cash to Close Estimate 1-3% of House Price + Down Payment

1. Lender fee (Not for a CASH purchase)

2. Title company fee

3. Government fees

4. Admin fee by real estate company  (Commissions are paid by sellers)

5. Prepaid cost for escrow for tax/insurance