Real Estate Knowledge February 17, 2023

TIPS & TRICKS! How to Keep Your Home Running Well!

Spring home maintenance tips

I know the ice and snow is melting and we get spring fever here in Minnesota! So why not start thinking about your home maintenance?  Spring is only about a month away.

Below are some easy tips and tricks to keep your home in shape and running smoothly.

Every month do these 2 things!

  • Change furnace filter
  • Check on salt levels in water softener and refill if needed

Other items to do!

  • Check attic insulation, evidence of any leaks and evidence of animal activities
  • Check skylights for leaks
  • Test sump pump to ensure pump engages
  • Clean dryer exhaust vent system
  • Clean gutters, downspouts and exterior vents
  • Change setting on humidifier for the season and check filters
  • Service both A/C unit and furnace

📞 Call me if you need any service provider recommendations!  651.233.8527